Enrolling your child in an International school in Singapore

Every parent wants to set an excellent foundation for their children, they want to see them grow and develop. One way you as a parent can give your child a head start in life is by enrolling him in an international school.

Singapore is a wonderful place to live in. But selecting an international school for your child while you are there is not really as easy as it seems. Enrolling your child in just any international school may not yield a good result. The best option, therefore, is for you to enrol your child in a top-notch international school that will be able to address his needs. Have you ever wondered how you can select the best international school for your child?

If you are looking for a good IB or international school in Singapore, ISS International School is a good option you should consider. They cater to children from kindergarten through high school age and have holistic programmes with a broad range of learning activities. If you are looking for a global international school for your child, do consider ISS Singapore international school.

The following article by Claire O’Donoghue shed light on some things you need to look out for when choosing an international school for your child.

Choosing international schools in Singapore

Moving to Singapore might be a great career move for you, but what about your children? Although the local government schools are good, your child may struggle with some of the teaching approaches and local slang.  If you’re only going to be living in Singapore for a few years, you may worry about your child struggling with the curriculum when you return to your home country. Read more here.

You probably now know a thing or two about choosing an international school for your child. Because want the best for your child, you are not going to enroll him in just any international school. You are definitely going to enroll him into one of the top international schools in Singapore.

The following article by littlestepsasia unveils the top ten international schools in Singapore.

Top international schools in Singapore

An international education does not come cheap, but it does come with first-class qualifications, access to amazing sports facilities, Broadway-worthy drama studios and the opportunity to travel this stunning continent. Little Steps has gathered a list of the top international schools in Singapore.  Read more here.

Obviously, you now know the top international schools in Singapore. The last thing you are going to need before enrolling your child in an international school is a guide.

The following article by thefinder is an ultimate guide that will help you choose a good international school for your child.

The Expat’s Ultimate guide to choosing an international school in Singapore for your child

Helping your child settle down to expat life in Singapore also means picking the right school for them.

Which curriculum should your child be following, do you want to give them the “local school life”, or are you relocating again in a few years’ time? These, and more, are all the things you should be taking into account when school-shopping. Ask these questions! Read more here

The bottom line is that choosing a good international school in Singapore is a daunting task. And this is because there are many international schools in Singapore. It is likely that many of these international schools may not be able to handle the needs of your child.

Choosing from the top international schools in Singapore is a good idea because they have a proven record of excellence and will be able to handle the needs of your child.



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