Benefits of learning abacus for kids

Abacus is an ancient that helps a child in multiple ways. The child begins to picture the problem in his or her mind and slowly the child learns to solve the problem in his brain by practicing it on the instrument. The best part is that children who learn on the abacus have a photographic memory and that is quite a feat for any child. Abacus is a great way to instill the love of mathematics in a fun way in the child. It helps them enjoy while they are learning and in no time, they become great at maths and their concentration and focus starts to improve. Abacus helps to improve mental calculations .

Here are some of the benefits of abacus.

It Sharpens the Brain

Abacus is a great method to chisel and sharpen the brain as it polishes the basic arithmetic and math skills in young minds. What has been seen among children who practice on abacus is that they end up with a sharp and proficient brain.

It is a Great Tool of Exercise

Believe it or not math is the best exercise for the brain and by applying the formulae of math, it is possible to tackle math problems. So, the more time a child spends solving problems, the sharper the brain gets. And it is for this reason that children who are good at math can easily tackle the other subjects at school.

Abacus Helps to Instill Speed and Accuracy

Abacus helps children to be fast and accurate in whatever problem they are solving and this is achieved by using simple methods that are helpful in getting the end result. Children who dont like math generally try to run away from solving these problems. But abacus helps solve these problem by implementing simple methods and children finally end up liking mathematics. It not only helps children in becoming good at mathematics, it also helps them in excelling in all subjects at school as more focused at school; this is due to the fact that abacus increases their power of concentration. It trains a child to look at a problem and solve it mentally. Children become quite proud of their skills and end up being confident adults and they become all-rounders at school.

Abacus Helps Activate Brain Functioning

Abacus helps teaches the child to use both the hands in order to move the beads. This movement of the finger activates the sensors of the brain, consequently, the right-hand coordinates with the left hand and that coordinates with the right brain. This helps the entire brain to function well and also adds to the intellectual quotient and may even end up creating a math prodigy.

Teaches Logical Reasoning

Children who learn abacus learn to solve math problems better than those who dont learn abacus. These children not only learn how to solve complex problems which have decimals, integers, they also lean to solve problems with fractions and this helps them hone their logical thinking. Their logical thinking skills go at a higher level and this helps them greatly in the future.

Children Recall Better with Abacus

The best part about abacus is that children develop a photographic memory with abacus and their ability to recall and chunk information also develops rapidly. This is due to the fact that abacus trains them in such a way that their memory becomes sharp. Overall abacus is a great tool in helping children understand mathematics, help them calculate better and faster. It improves their problem-solving skills, strengthens their memory and gives the children the confidence to solve mathematical problems.


Author: David Phillips

David Phillips is a 45-year-old golf caddy who enjoys podcasting, cookery and playing card games. He is considerate and creative, but can also be very stingy and a bit grumpy.